Outdoor and indoor active holidays in Tyrol

Get fit, stay fit!

If you enjoy active holidays, Tyrol is simply a perfect destination – all the more so if you choose Hotel Liebe Sonne! Our hotel in the Alps, features a well-equipped fitness room, with plenty of workout opportunities. Facilities include a treadmill, an ergo bike, an elliptical cross trainer, a weight bench, and a power station, and a barbell rack, as well as different weights for your workouts.

However, active holidays in Tyrol are certainly not limited to indoor training! The breathtaking nature of the Ötztal Alps also offers endless possibilities to stay active during your holidays in Tyrol. Among the most appreciated outdoor activities, hiking ranges from leisurely walks to challenging trekking excursions. In summer, well-trained and sure-footed hikers may tackle a variety of multi-day hiking tours or rewarding high-mountain climbs. For those who prefer unchallenging trails, we recommend an idyllic Alpine hike or a leisurely bike ride. In winter, you can spend memorable ski holidays in Sölden making the most of the perfectly maintained slopes around our hotel. Whatever your choice, your active holidays in Tyrol will always be accompanied by stunning landscapes.

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