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Liebe Sonne in Sölden
Gourmet holiday in Sölden

Gourmet holiday in Sölden

4-star-superior hotel with outstanding cuisine

We hope that our guests enjoy themselves with both heart and soul! We know how important it is to nourish the body to allow the brain to absorb what the landscape has to offer! Take the unique impressions and experiences of the Ötztal home with you. And hold our 4-star-superior hotel in Sölden among your best memories.

We understand the importance of the small things and know how to capture the aroma of the landscape. The unique taste unfolds on the plate! With little fuss and a clear conscience. We use the very best ingredients from the region and our cuisine stands for authentic pleasure – from traditional Tyrolean cuisine to imaginative creations.

regional produce on the plate
Sustainable pleasure
Out and about in the Ötztaler mountains
Sunny times in Sölden.
Dive into the winter wonderland
Winter time in Ötztal.
Discover. Experience. Relax.

Attractive offers for your stay in the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE in Sölden

Ready for a short break? Arrive & relax.

3 nights from € 372,00 per person
29.06. - 15.09.2024

Enjoy the diversity of nature.

5 nights from € 608 per person
29.06. - 15.09.2024

So beautiful is summer in Sölden.

7 nights from € 833 per person
29.06. - 15.09.2024

We offer the perfect starting point for your mountain adventure. So pack your rucksack and off you go!

4 Nights from € 492 per person
29.06. - 15.09.2024
Hotel Liebe Sonne Sölden
With the sun in your heart.
Are you on your way to us?

In the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE in Sölden you find your slice of happiness.

What we value most

Tasteful enjoyment in the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE in Sölden


When it comes to food products we value freshness and quality. We place particular emphasis on the unmistakable taste of our dishes, ensuring this through the blend of the best ingredients in our pots and pans to create tasty creations. The regional flavours are of particular importance: high quality beef and game from the surrounding mountains, dairy products that are so creamy they couldn’t possibly be from anywhere other than the Alps, and spicy herbs from fragrant mountain meadows. We prefer to source products, which are not available regionally, from Austrian producers.


What we value most
What we value most


Feel the pure pleasure of life? We wish our guests an enjoyable time in Sölden that will remain among your best memories. For us, enjoyment is inseparably linked to the feeling of well-being that we want for our guests. Have fun in a bar. The Gurschler family runs three pubs in Sölden where you can enjoy après ski in style. Our SCHIRMBAR awaits you directly in front of the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE. The ALMRAUSCH bar promises Aprés ski in a fun atmosphere. And in the legendary FIRE & ICE club, cool drinks are served to hot beats.


Hosts with a lot of emotion

The HOTEL LIEBE SONNE in Sölden is run by the siblings Caroline and Michael Gurschler. Both hosts work with a great deal of love and passion for the wellbeing of their guests. Liebe (love) and Sonne (sun), mean more than just a name to us, they are our guiding principles for our daily work. We want to inspire our guests with our positive outlook on life. Take a look, together with us, on the bright side of life and enjoy yourself! We are always ready to hear and fulfil your wishes.


Questions and answers

What you need to know about the cuisine in the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE

Of course! Please let us know of your requirements at the time of booking and we will pass them on to the kitchen. Please ask our waiting staff for information on the ingredients on the buffet, they are happy to advise you.

Of course! For years we have offered a vegetarian option on our menu. We can also offer a vegan option, just let us know in advance to allow us to prepare our menus.

We offer rooms and suites in Sölden as part of our luxury board in winter and an all-inclusive-light package in summer, as we have found this catering option best meets the needs of our quests. You do not have to eat in the hotel, but you have the security of knowing that you can always fall back on the delicious delicacies from our restaurant kitchen. If you are certain you want to do without the complete culinary package, please contact the reception. We will be happy to make you an appropriate offer.

Every day we attempt to create healthy culinary delights that meet the taste of our discerning guests. When selecting food, we pay particular attention the freshness and quality. You will find traditional Tyrolean dishes, classic Austrian cuisine, but also creative dishes with an international flair on our menu. You can choose daily from three main courses (meat, fish and vegetarian).

As a sports hotel, we regularly welcome guests with special dietary requirements. We are happy to cater to your wishes so that you can eat according to your ideals. At breakfast you will find fresh egg dishes as well as fresh fruit salad and a selection of fruit and vegetable juices. Mueslis are also available for you. The crisp salads and light delicacies at the lunch buffet are sure to meet your requirements. Likewise at dinner: With the combination of served dishes and courses from the buffet, you make your own individual choice every day.