Culinary philosophy
Fresh from the region
Products that deserve this name

Products that deserve this name

We place our trust in regional and seasonal products

The only well-travelled things in our hotel should be the guests. When selecting our food and drink, we pay attention to the source of our food products. We place our trust in traditional Tyrolean recipes and newly interpret them to fit within a framework of light gourmet cuisine. We pay attention to the quality of our products and give preference to regional producers: dairy products, meat and eggs are from local farms.

Fruit and vegetables, depending on the season, are also locally produced. We make an exception when it comes to wine: The majority is from the east of Austria. The Ötztal doesn’t have the ideal climate for growing wine. But the joy of living thrives particularly well in the mountains of the Ötztaler Alps. Our surrounding après ski bars, within easy reach of the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE in Sölden allow you to enjoy yourselves in a stylish atmosphere.

regional produce on the plate
Sustainable pleasure
Out and about in the Ötztaler mountains
Sunny times in Sölden.
Dive into the winter wonderland
Winter time in Ötztal.
Discover. Experience. Relax.

Attractive offers for your stay in the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE in Sölden

Ready for a short break? Arrive & relax.

3 nights from € 372,00 per person
29.06. - 15.09.2024

Enjoy the diversity of nature.

5 nights from € 608 per person
29.06. - 15.09.2024

So beautiful is summer in Sölden.

7 nights from € 833 per person
29.06. - 15.09.2024

We offer the perfect starting point for your mountain adventure. So pack your rucksack and off you go!

4 Nights from € 492 per person
29.06. - 15.09.2024
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