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The hotel room as a place of wellbeing

The hotel room as a place of wellbeing

Staying in the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE in Sölden

What is important in the design of a hotel room to allow the guests to feel comfortable? The answers to that question are as varied as our guests. Therefore we trust our own judgement in the design of the rooms and suites and provide a rounded harmonious atmosphere in all rooms. The HOTEL LIEBE SONNE stands for an unforgettable holiday in Sölden. With a whole list of included services to make your stay extraordinary!

Even while on holiday you look for peace within your own four walls. Your room or suite in Sölden is a place of retreat in the mountains. Enjoy the wonderfully soft hotel beds, the subtle choice of colours, the fittings in high quality natural material and the generous size of the rooms allowing room for those holiday feelings. We would be happy to make you an individual offer for your unforgettable holiday in Sölden!

Questions and answers

What you should know about your room in the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE

Yes the rooms and suites in the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE in Sölden are fitted with wooden floors. We have chosen the classic herringbone parquet flooring that is hard wearing and practical to clean. The light structure gives the impression of a larger room.

The rooms and suites in the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE in Sölden have modern furnishings. Clear shapes and discreet colours such as light grey, white and yellow. Wood is an important material for us: it is an expression of life and makes the rooms and suites in the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE places of well-being. Did you know that wood has a demonstrably calming effect on people? Our rooms are equipped with double beds made of wood, with beautifully designed small pieces of furniture and high quality upholstery.

Yes, most of the rooms and suites in the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE have a small balcony! Depending on the size of the room, between four and six people have room on the balcony. The balcony has high quality wooden furniture.

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Wellness hotel in Sölden.
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Attractive offers for your stay in the HOTEL LIEBE SONNE in Sölden

Active holiday for the whole family.

from 1.180,50 €

Ready for a short break? Arrive & relax.

from € 544,50

Enjoy the diversity of nature.

from € 862,50

So beautiful is summer in Sölden.

from € 1.180,50

Ride towards the sun!

from € 814
10.08.2022 - 30.09.2022

Special offer - stay 4 nights and just pay for 3 nights

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