Horse-riding holidays at Hotel Liebe Sonne

Riding through Alpine landscapes

Riding holidays in the Alps? At Hotel Liebe Sonne, you can! Gurschler’s Haflingerzucht in Österreich, is our highlight for horse fans and nature-loving families with children of all ages. Can you picture yourself galloping at one with nature, 1,300 metres above sea level against the stunning backdrop of the Ötztal Alps? Riding through the beautiful natural landscapes that surround our hotels is a most rewarding experience. 

However, there is more to a riding holiday in Sölden than just the landscapes. As guests of Hotel Liebe Sonne you will have the opportunity to take part in an exciting horse-riding programme which includes brief rides, hikes together with our horses, and more. Professional riding courses are also available for those who have always wanted to know what it feels like to sit on a horse’s back, but never had the chance to do so before.

Our Haflinger horses love their daily run on the paddock and trip to the mountain meadows. The members of the Gurschler family share a genuine love and respect for animals and never fail to provide their four-legged friends the care and affection they deserve. Michael Gurschler in particular takes care of his horses every day with passionate dedication. It is thanks to him that our Haflingers not only give their best whilst riding, but also manage to win awards at several horse shows.

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