The restaurant of our hotel in Sölden serves …

… creativity, freshness, and lots of care

While you are in Sölden, our restaurant will be one of the daily highlights of your sojourn. You will be treated to refined dishes, prepared with fresh ingredients of the highest quality. 

Chef Bernhard and his team are perfection-oriented; they seduce the guests of our restaurant in Sölden with scrumptious culinary creations that reflect their almost manic attention to detail. 

"Respect for the product is the measure of all things when it comes to culinary excellence!" – This is the motto that inspires Bernhard to strive for excellence every day. 

Just as in all the other areas of our hotel in Austria, sustainability and eco-friendliness are the focus of our attention at our restaurant, too. Most of the ingredients that make it to the kitchen of our restaurant in Sölden are from local farms. The meat comes from livestock reared in animal-friendly conditions, and we choose our fruit and vegetables with an eye to seasonality.

Stop by at the bar of our Hotel Liebe Sonne for a glass of fine wine or a refreshing aperitif!

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