Make your holidays in the Alps memorable … at Hotel Liebe Sonne!

Our values – past and present

Spending your holidays in the Alps here with us will give you a first-hand insight into our family’s values and the deep-rooted pioneering spirit that helped us leave a decisive mark on the tourism of Ötztal – in particular that of Sölden and Hochsölden.

We believe in:

  • Quality and love for detail 
    From the amenities to the products and services of our Hotel in Sölden mehr als nur gerecht zu werden.

  • Family and team spirit 
    We have put our heart and soul into the businesses of our Hotel Liebe Sonne, and the other Gurschlers Sonne hotels. Our family cohesion is something quite extraordinary, and we count our entire team, our partners, and our guests as part of that family.

  • Sincerity and openness 
    We cater to the needs and wishes of our guests with heartfelt dedication. The Hotel Liebe Sonne embodies the traditional Tyrolean hospitality in its purest form – it is a matter of passion. Our guests soon become friends who truly cherish their holidays in the Alps with us.

  • Tradition and down-to-earth attitude 
    Our roots in Sölden and Hochsölden run long and deep, and our family has been playing host to people from near and far for generations. This is why tradition, attachment to our land, down-to-earth attitude and honesty are genuine values which are passed down within our family from generation to generation – along with a pioneering spirit and a cosmopolitan attitude.

  • Faithfulness and loyalty
    These two values are paramount to each of the Gurschler siblings, and have been entrenched in this family for generations. Loyalty and faithfulness go beyond family bonds and extend towards all our employees, business partners, and of course our guests – this is the cornerstone of a fruitful cooperation and of the good job we strive to do at our hotel in Sölden.

  • Sense of responsibility
    We have always cared for nature and the environment. Our beautiful Alpine pastures, meadows, and mountains, along with the plants and animals that live in the Sölden area make us so happy and proud, that we see it as our responsibility to preserve and nurture this precious gift. A sustainable, eco-friendly approach is our way to preserve this amazing environment for generations to come. We are also aware of our social responsibilities towards our staff, to whom we wish to offer a pleasurable working environment for many years to come.
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